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Thomistic Philosophy
Straightforward expandable/collapsible outlines of
basic Aristotelian & Thomistic ideas:


Basic divisions of Real vs. Mental Being.

Act and Potency
That which perfects vs. the capacity for perfection.

Essence and Existence
What a thing is vs. whether it exists.

What is a Principle? The Four Supreme Principles.

Substance and Accident
That which exists in itself vs. in another.

10 Categories of Being
Substance, Quantity, Quality, Relation, Action, Passion, Time, Place, Posture, Habiliment.

Form and Matter
Substantial Form vs. Accidental Form, First Matter vs. Second Matter.

Cause and Effect
The Four Causes: Material Cause, Formal Cause, Efficient Cause, Final Cause.

Good and Evil
Ontological, Natural, Moral Perfection vs. Imperfection.

Being, Unity, Truth, Goodness, Thing, Something ... and Beauty?

This is all a work in progress. More outlines will be added and updated periodically. If you have ideas on how to improve this project, feel free to contact ...