Quote of the Month:
"Art, like morality, must draw the line somewhere."
- G.K. Chesterton

Philosophy & Theology

Branches of Philosophy
A list of the different philosophical fields of knowledge.

Works of St. Thomas Aquinas
Links to the Summa Theologica, as well as other works by Thomas Aquinas (plus a few others).

Thomistic Philosophy
Free resources to aid in studying the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas (as well as Aristotle).

Logical Fallacies
A taxonomy of fallacies, including definitions and examples (still a work in progress).


100's of Proofs of God's Non-Existence
A satirical list of arguments "against" the existence of God, showing the absurdity of the "logic" used by atheists today.

Catholic Scientists & Mathematicians
A list of some influential scientists and mathematicians who were Catholic (many of whom were priests and even bishops), indicating that the Church may not, in fact, be the archnemesis of science.

Atheist Murderers
A list of some godless democidal dictators, mass shooters, and serial killers, disproving the absurd atheistic argument that all violence somehow springs from the belief in God.


Star Wars and the History of Vatican II
A provocative look at the intriguing parallels between the Star Wars films and the history of the Second Vatican Council.

Mary Poppins and Blessed Virgin Mary
Another crazy idea: Disney's film Mary Poppins is really all about Our Lady, the Mother of God.

Star Trek and the History of the Church
Star Trek represents the entire history of the Church (this is still a work in progress). This includes an Episode & Movie Guide.

My Dream Journal
A voluminous collection of my strange dreams, some of which get philosophical and theological (thus vaguely justifying their presence on this website) but mostly just laughably bizarre.

the generation of the sAInts New!
A reddit page of images depicting Catholic saints generated by artificial intelligence (working in collaboration with this site).